Do you drive a Ford Fiesta? You need to read this.

I’m not into scaremongering but if you drive a Mark 6 Fiesta, you really should read this little blog entry of mine.

I have had the 1.6 TDCI on a 56 plate for about three years and living with it, for the most part, has been a trouble and worry free experience. The only major fault was the failure of the injector seals that made a bit of a mess under the bonnet and cost me about £100 to put right, a common fault with this car that most people (including Ford) know about. Apart from that all I have done is service and MOT it, and it has returned a good ratio of smile to mile.


Strange then, when a week ago it was parked up in a multi-storey carpark the front drivers side coil spring snapped for no apparent reason.

It broke at the bottom, collapsing the suspension and presenting the tyre with a razor sharp harpoon just waiting to slice into the side wall cutting it to ribbons and jamming the wheel. Remember this happened with the car sitting still, not moving, just sitting. Now try to imagine if this happened at 70 mph in the rain…

The sad tale

OK things break, things wear out and of course things fail, I am not stupid enough to believe that we live in anywhere close to a perfect world so I called the AA man to come and save me and started looking at prices for parts. When he arrives, he tells me that the car cannot be moved for fear of the spring jamming the wheel (as I described earlier) as we move it down the ramp, blocking the car park. So now we would have to find a garage that had some wheel skates and drag it out, at the cost of a few hundred quid… Now all of you know that I am but a poor writer, still trying to eke out a living with my words, and that sort of money buys a lot of fuel (or a new tyre!) so against the advice of the mighty AA, and with cable ties, gaffa tape and some hastily made blocks, I made the spring as safe as I could and limped it down the ramp and on to the waiting truck.

Once home, I pulled off the wheel and had a good look at what had actually broken. The spring sits in a recess at the bottom of the strut and for some reason the very end of the coil snaps unexpectedly and without any warning allowing the spring past the cup and presenting a razor sharp point just waiting to hit the tyre. Luckily I am surrounded by some very good and knowledgeable people that can help me when my car needs to be hit with hammers (Chris) or attacked with a grinder (Craig) or generally laughed at (all the rest of you) and soon parts were on order, tools were being assembled and tea was being brewed.

The job of replacing the springs is a simple enough one, a few stubborn bolts and a bit of wiggling and the strut is out. The hard bit is getting the strut apart this requires a special type of socket set which had to be bought but all in all about an hour later the old was off and the new was on and I was getting ready to tackle the other side, when yes, you guessed it, snap!

The car was just sitting, not moving, and boom down goes the other side for no reason I can see, so a quick fix later and I am able to look carefully at the broken bits side by side, and what I find is very interesting indeed. In fact its so interesting I feel the need to get on the phone to Ford and ask them what the bloody hell they are playing at.

Have a look at a few pictures:


Drivers side

Drivers side

Passenger side

Passenger side

The breaks are identical

The breaks are identical


The two springs have not only broken in the same place, the break is exactly the same shape. So exact even that you can take either bit and swap it with its partner and the join is the same. So, I have a chat with Ford, putting on my -I’m a dumb customer, I have no idea what I’m on about- voice and the man kindly tells me that yes a Zinc anti corrosion plate is available at £4.72 plus VAT each.

A chat with Ford

“So, ” I say “Ford knows there is a problem and is retrofitting these now? Did I miss the recall?”
“There was no recall” Ford man says, his tone dropping icily a few degrees, “There is no need”
“But,” I continue sweetly “It could be very dangerous, someone could get hurt or worse, this part shouldn’t just break surely?”
“Its wear and tear” Says Ford man
“OK” I say “Can I have the part numbers of those plates please?”
“No. They are Ford part numbers. I cant give them out. You can only get them from Ford”
“Oh, I see, so Ford make them specially for this problem?”
“Yes. But there is no problem.”

I did actually manage to get the part numbers as the parts bloke read them aloud as he was looking up the price, so if you are interested it is 1481540. The idea is that salt corrosion is the reason the springs fail in the cup, so the zinc plate is put in to prevent that (some chemical way I think, I am not a chemist but they do similar things with oil rigs. Have a Google if you are interested in the science)

I am not alone with this problem, five seconds on Google and I find numerous threads with other Fiesta owners talking about exactly the same failure and exactly the same wall of silence from Ford, Ill post a few links at the end. I am astonished that Ford are choosing to ignore this, they really should take a look at Toyota, yeah the press was bad with problem after problem, recall after recall but what it shouted louder than any bad press it brought was that Toyota did care what happened to its customers, even if the product WAS over 5 years old. From what I have read, and from the reaction I got from Ford they just couldn’t care less.

Please, get it checked.

Ford make good cars (not great, just good) and this is not intended to start a slagging match with them, I just wanted to let you, my lovely readers who own these cars, know of something that could at the very least leave you stranded. I don’t want to think what the worst could be. So please, if you have one of these cars, go get them checked, get the springs changed and get these plates fitted. As far as I know it only affects the Fiesta and Fusion models, hopefully Ford have worked out a fix on the later stuff.

Drive Safe

A couple of links to other places that are talking about this, there are lots more…

Honest John Forum: Fiesta Suspension

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223 responses to “Do you drive a Ford Fiesta? You need to read this.

  1. 怖い!!!! マジか?
    I hope everything is OK man.

    • Longbridge

      Could this be related to a lack of control of the heat treatment process during the manufacture of the springs? There is a condition called ‘Total Decaruburisation’ in which the carbon content of the surface of carbon steel is totally driven out if the material. This condition can exist in ‘black bar’ where the carbon is driven out during the process of manufacturing the bar from which the spring is coiled. This can lead to ‘delayed failure’ where a sudden catastrophic failure occurs without warning. This could explain the apparent batch nature of these failures?

  2. It is now… dangerous tho, I hope someone takes notice of this…

  3. Carrie

    Hey what was the actual reason for failure was it manufacturing failure by FORD?

    • They are very tight lipped about it, but the fact that a part is now available to be retro fitted makes me think that there is a bit more to this than meets the eye. It cost me about £150 to replace the ones on my car, luckily I can do it myself or it would have been a bit more, but a tiny price to pay if they had gone while driving…

      Thank you for reading and thank you for your comments

  4. mary

    Thanks this has just happened to my Fiesta not long after coming off the motorway. Garage was amazed I got there in one piece, and had a very very expensive bill. So ford are more worried about their money than about the accidents this problem could cause. I am so angry!!

    • Im glad you are ok! Thats what went through my mind when they broke. I am angry at ford too, its so weird that they BOTH broke in EXACTLY the same spot and the breaks were so similar that you could fit them to eachother. I have tried to talk to Ford but they just dont want to know, and my little blog just doesnt have enough clout to make them listen!

      Thank you for reading, and thanks for the comments, I am glad you and the car are fine, even if your wallet isnt! Drive safe

  5. shirley Drury

    I have just had this happen to my 2006 Fiesta

    • It seems that 2006 is the year! My Fiesta is the same. The more I talk to people the more a patten is forming. I hope you are OK, thank you for reading and thank you for the comment. Drive safe

      • Terry

        This just happened on my 2003 mk 6 fiesta. The break looks exactly the same as in the images above. It was parked up on drive at time. Ok when I last left it, but noticed it had dropped on return. Should there have been a rubber washer at the top? It seems there was only one fitted at the bottom of the coil.

  6. DBarnes

    This has just happened to my 1.25 Fiesta Style (’09) – cost me £108 for the drivers side to be replaced and fitted. Mine just went after completing a 214 mile motorway drive and went just as I got into my road. The mechanic I use said that it is common.

  7. Rob

    My wife’s 04 Fiesta has a snapped spring but only on the driver’s side. She parked up earlier today and it was fine – we’ve only just notices it but there’s no way she could have parked with it like it is.

    I regularly borrow it to drive down the motorway to work – doesn’t bear thinking about a snap then!

  8. Dave Taplin

    I’ve just had this happen to me on my drive. I had just started to move when there was a loud cracking and grinding noise, on inspection I noticed the drivers side was very low, after jacking the vehicle and tripping the suspension leg it was found that the spring had broken at the bottom very similar to pages photos.
    Interestingly though my car is a 2002 Fiesta with 100,000 plus miles on the clock. It was the drivers side that snapped but I don’t have any history for the car.

    • Im very happy to hear that it was on your drive and you are ok. This seems a common thing, if you are keeping the car, get your hands on those zinc plates when you get the springs replaced, they are very cheap. Drive safe and thank you for reading!

    • Jas Singh

      Happened on my Fiesta today as started to reverse from our drive. Drove fine yesterday. Front driver side. Car has visibly dropped on this side.
      Making the noises everyone else is describing.

  9. Ellen

    This has happened to my ’06 fiesta tonight, requiring a tow to a garage and a hefty bill too I’m sure! Very annoying!

    • Yep, it really is annoying but I am glad to hear you are safe and nothing awful happened! Bill shouldn’t be too awful, just make sure you get both sides done and get those plates I mentioned installed

  10. Gloria

    My 2007 Fiesta ghia has just been diagnosed with this problem too.Started making a clonking noise on bumpy bits of road.Seems the spring has snapped in the middle.Mind you the roads are in a terrible state but I am a very careful female driver who notices pot holes.On the whole this car has been problem free with a TDCI 1600 engine which I had to wait three months for.Well worth the wait as speedy little number when you need it.

  11. Dave

    My 56 plate zetec has just suffered the same fate thank god i was outside my house and not travelling

  12. Tom

    I think this has just happened to my 04 Fiesta as well. As I pulled out of the drive I heard a crunch, but didn’t think anything of it as I missed the dropped curb outside and I thought it was the splitter scraping the ground.
    As I drove about a mile and half down the road however there was another bang, but no change in the cars behavior at all – not even a wiggle of the steering wheel.
    When I found the bit, it looked like either half of an exhaust mounting bracket or a section of spring: without getting the wheel off or getting it on a ramp (neither of which I am able to do at the moment) it’s impossible to tell.

    I’ll post again when I know which of the two it is.

    • Im very glad you are ok! it should be easy to see if the spring has broken, just turn the wheels full lock and have a look with a torch. Be very careful poking about tho, if it is broken its razor sharp! Good luck with the fix, let us know how it goes.

  13. Jenny

    Just had this happen to me yesterday as I was leaving the car park at work. Drivers side went with a snap and bottom part of spring dropped on floor. AA towed me home and a lovely mechanic friend is fixing it for me (save on garage costs!!). Had to have nearside replaced in June so hopefully will be okay for a while now as AA said it is common for both to go within about 6 months of each other but at garage prices couldn’t afford to get both done at same time. Lots of happy motoring ahead hopefully.

  14. Terry

    My 56 plate 1.6 TDi with 72k miles has just snapped on drivers side. Break is exactly the same as your pictures.
    Car was parked next to the house, 5 mins after a short journey. It seems that many of the failures occur whilst the vehicles are parked? Any idea why?

    • With all the research I have done, I cannot find a single reason. I have heard people talk about corrosion, metal fatigue, manufacture errors, temperature stress and all sorts of things. Ford wont talk to me or even acknowledge there is an issue, they just say its wear and tear but I find it very odd that the breaks are identical, and my 1995 Fiat Cinquecento with a billion miles on it is just fine!

  15. viv

    I have just encountered the same problem as all these people have said I am so brassed off I shall never buy another ford , so ford look out you are going to be the losers in the end

  16. Tracey Harris

    Ive just had this happen to myself. I was coming out of my drive and there was a bang and a clunk. When i looked at the car the spring had snapped and it looks exactly like your photo. Im just glad i was at home. I had my young daughter in the car at the time.

  17. Noggins

    Today my front spring snapped whilst driving with my partner and 10 month old son, causing the front arch to drop on to the wheel whilst driving. Luckily I was going around a mini roundabout doing 10mph. This is the 5th set of springs I will have to replace (3 front 2 back).

  18. Clive Challinor

    My wife’s car has just experienced exactly the same failure on the drivers side – thankfully very close to home. The snapped spring looks identical to the photo you posted. It comes within 9 months of the passenger side suffering the same problem. Not happy, and as previous people have commented, thanful1 that it did not fail driving over a pot hole at speed

    • I tried to approach the subject again with Ford and got nowhere at all, they keep saying its not a fault but it really strikes me as odd that all the people I talk to, and all the people who talk to me on this little blog of mine all report almost exactly the same problem. Its only a matter of time before something bad happens. Im very glad to hear you and your wife are ok!

  19. Mark

    Same thing just happened on a 06 Zetec S. Will be looking into replacing both ASAP. Be interesting to get Ford to do something about it, perhaps a ring to Watchdog is in order!

  20. Ed100

    Same thing just happened to my 2005 1.4 tdci. Front passenger side. Luckily this happened in my driveway and not at speed with my 18 month old in the car. Incidentally, the section of broken spring is almost identical to your broken pieces. I’m guessing Ford won’t bat an eyelid until there’s evidence of some fatal incidents directly pointing to this very obvious fault. Shame on you Ford. BTW, the visual condition of my spring is in great condition! ie not corroded at all.

    • Glad you are ok! I cant even begin to imagine what the consequences would be if this happened at any sort of speed. It HAS to be a manufacture fault in the springs, you are not the only one to say the breaks are the same as mine. Shame on Ford indeed, I agree there will have to be some nasty accidents before they do anything. It took Audi a few deaths to sort out the TT after all… Glad you and your little ones are ok, drive safe.

      • Josie

        Hi there.

        Mine (only had it for 3 months) has just broken too. It was parked and not been used for a week or so. Also a diesel 2005. And the end of the coil is exactly the same as your picture. We have a garage about 2 mins away who say they can fix it. But I really don’t want to pay £100 for someone to recover it and deliver it. Do you think it would be ok to drive it the few minutes? Obviously worried in case the remaining shard rips the tyre (and I know nothing about cars, so can’t do it myself). What do you think?
        What a terrible and dangerous fault! The mechanic by me was a chief mechanic with VW for 40 years, and he says it happens all the time on all makes. Scary isn’t it?

      • For the sake of £100, I would have it recovered. Even if you drive it at walking pace a few hundred feet you run the risk of it jamming your wheel and shredding the tyre, let alone what other damage might happen. I had to move my car out of the multi storey in order to get it on the truck and that was terrifying!

        You run a huge risk of more costs as more damage can be done, but worse you or someone else could be hurt and thats just not worth the risk

        Im glad to hear you are ok, Ford just wont talk about it but I agree its a horrible fault. Its only a matter of time before someone writes on here that things have gotten worse!

        Drive safe, hope its fixed soon.

  21. Sophie

    This has happened to me just now, my drivers side has gone, luckily while the car was parked not when I was just 2 minutes before going 70 on the motorway, what did people pay roughly for this? I have no idea so want to make sure I’m not being taken advantage of when I call up


    • The parts are about £100-£130 depending where you go, its about 2ish hours labour if you get a garage to do it. Its not too difficult if you have the tools and a bit of experience but get it checked by a garage. Im glad you are ok!

  22. norman hagan

    And here was me thinking I was somehow very unlucky that both my springs went (Fiesta 2007)(drivers side first – while parked – only noticed as I went to drive off) and then as I stood and waited for my mechanic (not in the car), crack the front passenger side went. Will someone have to die before ford have a recall – I hope not – springs replaced – car to be replaced and I will never ever buy ford again.

    • Sounds like exactly what happened to me. The bang was huge! There is no issue according to everyone I have tried to talk to at Ford. Its only a matter of time before someone gets badly hurt. I sold mine too, glad you are safe and thanks for reading my blog

      • norman

        What really galls me is the fact that the following day my wife and two very young children had planned to take the car on a 150mile round trip – i really do shudder to think what would have happened had this been at 70 on the motor way. This brings me to my next point – many of these seem to happening when car is parked – engine is cold – metal is cold – is it mainly happening in winter (even colder – salted roads) i am no metallurgist but i have an inclining this is a metal compound / manufacturing problem and not as ford claim – wear and tear – i have about 36k on my motor – and being 44 it has been a few years since i was hard on a car in terms of my driving – going to contact watchdog me thinks. Thanks for you reply – do you mind if i copy your URL into my FB page – really feel that ford need a bit of public pressure put on them to fully investigate.

      • I share your horror! It doesnt bear thinking about what coukd potentially happen and it doesent seem to matter how many miles are on the car as you so rightly say. The ‘solution’ Ford gave me was to retro fit these zinc parts that I mention in my piece. Its a chemical solution where the corrosion attacks the zinc rather than the spring, similar to a solution used on oil rigs to protect them from salt water. Im very glad everyone is safe. Of course you may use my url, i hope it does some good

  23. Erin

    Just had this problem on an ’05 Taurus. About 2 weeks ago I heard a loud bang while I was in a parking lot…looked at the car, didn’t see anything wrong, so thought maybe it was not my car (I admit to being a bit clueless when it comes to cars). Went out yesterday to find a flat, had it towed thinking I just needed a new tire, and low and behold, both rear springs have cracked in the same spot! I live in the frozen wilds of NY and the day before it went flat I drove over very rough road in a snowstorm. Gives me chills to think what would have happened if the tire went out whiles I had been driving!

  24. Same happened to me yesterday, just got into car, 2007 Fiesta, and turned ignition key when there was a loud bang. Tried to reverse out of drive for a good look round it, but stopped because of grinding/scraping noises. Hubby found a piece of the drivers side spring (similar to yours in photo) on the ground. Thanks to him and Green Flag the car is now at a local garage with an order in for 2 new springs and zinc plates after reading your blog.Thank you for the information.

    • Im glad to hear my blog helped but I am even more glad to hear that you are safe and they broke while you were standing still. Good to see you are changing them both because the other one will go very soon.

      Thank you for reading.


      • Richard

        I am amazed to see Ford have not done something about this. It just happened to my wife’s 06 fiesta on the motorway 70 in the outside lane. She was okay and no incident but it could have been very bad. I might take the spring into work and have a look at it to see whether it is too hard making it prone to this sort of failure. Richard

      • Oh good lord!! I am so glad you are safe! She must have been scared out of her wits. I cannot understand why Ford are ignoring this issue, someone is going to get hurt or worse.

  25. NickyM

    Have had this happen to me TWICE now – once on my 2004 fiesta (owned from new) and now on my 2009 fiesta. Both times the car was parked on the drive at home, thankfully. Contacted Ford after the first instance and they weren’t interested, was really hoping they would have fixed such a common fault, won’t be buying another fiesta!

  26. Aimee

    This happened to my car a couple of weeks ago, luckily I was just parked at home, but it meant a day off work with no car, and low and behold, the other side has just gone too. Really, I thought Ford were better than this.

  27. Ross

    This is why I’m happy to drive a Toyota. Lots of recalls means they’re actually FIXING things, whereas the likes of Ford, BMW (alloy wheel cracks featured on Watchdog) et al just deny there’s a problem.

    If everyone on here contacted Watchdog with their story I’m sure they’d be interested. Just think of how many others it’s happened to who haven’t stumbled across this blog?

    • I totally agree. Toyota have had a LOT of high profile recalls, even on older models but the fact that they do this despite the perceived ‘damage’ it does to the company image, makes them the better company.

      Thank you for your reading

  28. My Ford Fusion has had 2 front off side springs break in 3 years & last week the front near side snapped also.
    Ford need to come clean on this extremely DANGEROUS fault without delay.
    How do we know that people have not already been killed or seriously injured already – after accident investigation could believe that the spring snapped on accident impact.

    • Thats why if I am honest the Fiesta was sold after I replaced the springs. My rattly old fiat with a bazillion miles on it is still fine, despite being driven over the same moonscape that the Ford was. It HAS to be a design fault, but Ford are saying nothing. Thank you for reading, Im very glad to hear you are safe!

  29. xN

    This happened to me in January just as I was about to drive off from outside my house.

    Car is Fiesta 1.4TDCi 56 reg

  30. Paul Arnold

    Have just had this very same problem with my wife’s 57 plate fiesta on the driveway-it appears identical to your pictures, with the broken end forced against the tyre. In recent years, I’ve had both front springs on my mondeo break, but the car just settled slightly and wash’t even noticed until the MOT. The fiesta problem seems potentially much more dangerous-and my wife’s car appears to have the zinc spacer on the lower spring seat.Doesn’t inspire much confidence, so this will be our last fiesta.

  31. simon

    My 2008 ford fiesta 1.6 TDCI driver side coil spring snapped when parked up, a year later front passenger side coil spring snapped when parked up,

  32. Bjarni

    I have had this experience with broken front coil springs on a Ford Fusion,
    drivers side twice, passenger side once. In all instances I was lucky not being at speed on the motorway. Now I have springs on both sides that do
    not have Ford labels on them, but supplied by the Ford dealer here at considerably lower price. Zinc plates also. When I replaced the springs I
    noticed that the spring fit snugly to the plastic bearing on top of the strut,
    but not into the cup at the bottom. The first inch or so of the bottom circle touched and the next one and a half or so didn´t, but then it touched again. Could this have to do with the frequent snapping of the springs. Just a thought. The zinc being soft it probably wears in the touch spots and sort of wears out the problem. I also wonder if the springs are submitted to Roentgen looking for cracks during manufacture. Flaws are not visible through the paint. What do your experts think ? I get the same answers from my dealer as you guys, when discussing the problem with them.

    • Hmm sounds like they used pattern parts (ie from a third party maker. Not a bad thing as I used them on my Fiesta) Its odd that you say they dont seem to fit right, maybe they have made a modification to the part? I dont know. Ford just dont want to talk to me! Glad to hear you are safe, thank you for reading.

  33. ken

    Heard a wierd noise. took my 2010 fusion to the dealership. Suprise both front coil springs broken just as pictured above. Ford seems uniterested on taking this as a serious issue.

  34. Rik

    Had a ’53 Fiesta ‘Silver’ rear spring break while it was in a car park in 2011(after i’d sold it). In 2012 my ’55 Fiesta ‘ST’ had it’s driver side front spring snap(like yours) on the drive, my mechanic advised replacing both which was sensible. I now have a ’56 Fiesta ‘S’. Would you advice replacing springs and cups as a preventative move? How about rear springs?

    • Hi there, well from what I have read it seems to be a common fault, and as the have an additional part now it might be an idea to get it at least checked as winter is coming. Im not in a position to give advice as I can only report on what has happened to me and share others stories. Drive safe and thank you for reading

    • Not being a ‘proper’ mechanic I cant offer you any official advice (Im just a writer that loves his cars and tinkering with them!) But common sense tells me if I was to buy a Fiesta of that age, it would be the first thing I would replace. Reading everyone else’s experiences, and drawing on my own I couldnt drive one unless I knew it was done and safe. Thank for reading

  35. Stewart

    The breaks are going to be identical because springs operate under the same stress field. The failure shape and mode will almost always be identical. The lower end of the spring gets more salt and water so its most likely to fail there.

  36. Mark

    Hi this happended to my sons car while driving into a parking bay. Had to call the AA who managed to jack the car up and get it onto the truck. The car is a 55 plate Zetec S. That was about 18 months ago and guess what, it has just broken the passengers side spring while I was parking it on the drive. The worrying thing is the previous day I had, along with my son, driven the car from uni to home, a distance of some 250 miles most of which is motorway. Ford need to get their act together, acknowledge the problem and take measures to rectify the problem before there is a fatality.

    • So far, I haven’t seen any reports of them going while at speed (thank goodness!) Ford just doesn’t seem to care!

      • leigh

        Hi there, thank you for the heads-up regarding this problem, as it also applies to my mazda 2 55 plate. I did read some where about same problem on Peugeots, where apparently there is a retro fit “spring catcher” that can be fitted to bottom cup of spring. The zinc “plate” mention here, does it do the same? The idea of the safety bracket thingamajig for the bottom of the spring cup is to prevent a catastrophic tyre failure if spring breaks jagged point near to tyre sidewall. Anyway thanks again for the warning, as for your comments about Ford, i quite agree, and it reminds me of Ford exploding Pintos when I was a kid in Canada, if I remember correctly as I was taught at school (long time ago), a recall for the Ford Pinto was urged for at a cost of 145 million $, but the corporate lawyers advised that it would only cost 130 million to stonewall the whole issue. The figures of $$$ mention may not be accurate by my memory, but the point is, on the whole scale of things, a very small price difference between stonewalling and doing the right thing. Guess which option Ford chose ? Safe driving everyone ;D

  37. Ronald Common

    My daughter’s 2008, low mileage ,Fiesta front drivers side coil spring failed in similar cicumstances to those described above .
    The garage that replaced the spring didn’t make any recommendation to replace the other one ,which might have been difficult at the time due to their workload, at any time soon .
    They were of the false impression that the failures were caused by the introduction of speed bumps and the increase of pot holes in road surface .These only accelerate the failure of an inferior standard of spring manufacture together with the drive to reduce car weight by fitting smaller cross section thus more highly stressed springs .Salt corrosion was not mentioned and at this moment I don’t know if there were zinc plates fitted .
    As far as I can find out it is not only Ford models that suffer from these failures . The only conclusion that I can come to is that a combination of both spring manufacture and car manufacture design choice are primarily responsible. Surely if it is a matter of public safety more should be being done to address the identification and resolution of the deficiencies.
    I asked at the garage if they would be prepared to return the broken spring to Ford to be subjected to metallurgic analysis which could identify the precise nature of the failure . They adamantly refused to admit any responsibility to do this even though they are a main Ford dealer . I have retained the parts in the hope of finding an independent agency to perform the analysis .
    I think the car manufacteres should be required to offer some kind of guarantee for such critical parts of the order 8 years or 60,000 miles . together with a recommendation to change them at the time the guarantee ends .
    Like everyone else I would like to see a more objective and sympathetic approach to the current situation by car manufacturers to bring an end to something that has been in existence far too long .
    Regards thaanks for initiatin this thread .

    • Thank you for reading and leaving such an interesting comment. My old Fiat bangs and crashes over the same moonscape that is our roads and so far has held up, but I agree there are others. What really bugs me is Fords total lack of acknowledgement of an issue, despite the retro fitting of zinc corrosion plates. Toyota have had a lot of recalls for various things but to me, that says that its a company that cares about its customers. Please keep us updated if you do find anything else

  38. Chris

    This happened to me yesterday as I was travelling along the motorway. What I thought Initially that I’d just caught some debris on the road and it had clanged around before causing a puncher (luckily the wheel didn’t jam up and safely got it to the hard shoulder) however after removing the tire to find the back wall shredded and the razor blade edge of the spring facing me, I (and my wallet) realised it was much more costly than what I had thought. luckily getting it lorry lifted to a garage where they informed me of this fault with all mk6 fiestas I felt the hit once again too get the other spring replaced before its corrosion set in. not exactly great for a 58 plate and only having it for a month… but hey could have been a lot worse so can’t grumble too much… I’ve seen the reports that this fault has cost lives of people who weren’t as luck as myself… but it is something for should be offering as a free service. if there products aren’t up to scratch and are endangering lives, then they shouldn’t be allowed to trade

  39. Erics Segawa

    Same thing just happened to my 06 fiesta. Dnt knw were to start.

    • You really should get both replaced and check the tyre wall and wheel for damage, its going to cost a bit but make sure you get both sides done at the same time. Thank you for reading, glad to see you are safe

  40. David Gosden

    Fiestas to Mk III have a different type of spring.. tubular – not tapered at the ends, and the last coil at each end is finished to provide a flat face with the mount in which it sits.
    Later Fiestas and Fusions have tapered ended springs (the coil shape continues) which sit in a spiral housing at the bottom. Although the spring is coated with plastic this soon wears away, so does the paint on the strut. Road dirt, chips and stones get underneath (between the underside of the spring and the strut) which quickens the destruction of the paint and plastic coating.
    Just a small puncture in these results in rust setting in which then runs up into the coil – a close look at a broken spring reveals all as the rust trace can be seen and followed.
    By the very nature of the spring flexing right to the end of the coil the spring is weakened (always almost exactly 7 inches from the end) then snaps. It is quite common when rust reaches a specific distance into the spring for it to snap often while the vehicle is stationary. Usually the driver side front spring breaks first. The majority of reports note this and it has happened to my Fusion twice in 3 years, about 12,000 miles apart.
    Previous models do not flex in this way as the end is flat, sitting flat in the mount and does not flex at all.
    It is little or nothing to do with roads, salt or potholes.
    It seems that Fiestas designed at Dunton (Essex) and built at Dagenham are free from this as they use the earlier design. It also seems to be a continental problem centred on Germany ( Ford’s Cologne plant). Other German and continental makes have reports of similar design and failure problems.
    It seems obvious that one design is good and failure free whilst the other is a continual source of trouble and possible danger.
    This can only equate to the design.
    Ford designed it and therefore should admit there is a failure, the outcome of which is a safety issue, and however old the vehicle it should recall and effect a permanent and successful modification/repair free of charge.
    There is no other explanation – one design works forever and the other does not.

    Fusion K3

    • Thank you for this excellent contribution! I have tried over and over to talk to Ford but they just dont want to know. Its only a matter of time… thanks for reading and thanks again for this information

  41. Sarah

    I’m a member of the unhappy Ford owner club too as of Thursday. I have a 2005 Fiesta LX and as I pulled away from my house with my 11 month old in the car and heard a godawful clunk. My husband came straight home from work (benefits of being self employed) and took it to the garage. Both front coils have broken identically to your picture. We were going to sell it this month as well so a big repair bill is NOT welcome. I’ll certainly be crossing any Fords off my list of potential replacements.

    • Wow, I am so glad to hear you and your little one are safe! Thank you for reading, its a very unwelcome bill, especially as it looks like its Fords design fault

      • Al

        Mines parked outside the house.. After a motorway journey parked it up and the following day.. making a grinding noise on the steering and wallah.. car has dropped.. front end both sides.. 56 plate Fiesta Stylus.. I new I should have got rid of it.. 80k on the clock.. not had any other problem since owning it 15 months ago.

  42. Dan

    My fiesta 1.4 diesel zetec climate both front sprins broke at 60k and 72k both at low speed and with a big BANG. Lucky to get e car home on both occasions. Did the work myself fords are crap.

  43. mike

    just happened to my 2005 1,4 tdci sat on drive and ping about bottom 4 inch piece snapped off the driver side and spring jumped onto tyre itself ,hate to think of damage and danger at 70 miles an hour same as pic …
    strange thing is it was the day after putting new injecter seals in for the second time another well known fault….

  44. Debbie

    Happened to me last night. Had to call out AA and get tow to garage. Drive 06 Fiesta style. About a year ago mechanic noticed spring broken when checking car for not. Think it was at rear. He was shocked. This it was front drivers side. Very scary . . .

  45. Jacqui

    I was just reversing off my drive, when I heard a loud bang. Was still able to drive car, but there was a clunking noise every time I went over uneven road service. I have a 09 zetex S plate, took it into Ford dealership, yes the passenger side spring has broken. They are charging for investigation plus fitting new spring, cost £195, and that is with 10% Off as I have the Ford Plan. Is this overpriced ?.

  46. Debra H

    This today has just happened to my 56 fiesta tdi style,luckily just setting off from home, I’m totally amazed at how many people on here have had this problem. Certainly won’t be getting another one.

  47. Tony

    Had 3 springs replaced on 06 plate fiesta now, all breaking identical to initial photos. Becoming a right pain now. Surely ford must sanction a recall. Firing in a email to watchdog, see if that rattles fords cage..

  48. vinny

    This just happened to me tonight picking my daughter up from her friends house ,thank god not to far from home , only driving slowly and then bang. Found the broken part of the spring on the road and an exact replica of the photo you posted. My car is a 04 D Reg with 93000 miles. Thankfully this happened at slow speed as my travel to work takes me on the motorway which i cant imagine what the outcome could have been.Thanks for putting up your post.

  49. Daniel

    I Recently had the same kinnd of thing happen to me, mines an 05 Plate Pre-facelift model. I Was driving about 20-25 just AFTER a speed bump and my drivers side snapped at the top of the spring. So i called a friend to follow me back, luckily it hadnt dropped.

  50. Calum

    Hi it happened to my 55 plate fiesta this Saturday AA have dropped it at a local garage I will update on the cost. Some how this log has to get bigger I would have looked at another car if I had this knowledge before buying.

  51. mine went yesterday also going over a speed bump, only doing 5mph. mines on a 08 plate

  52. Clive Champion

    The front driver’s side spring on my Fiesta Style 1.3 snapped today – luckily while it was on my drive. I feel so fortunate that it did not fail at speed or in an inconvenient place (plenty of them, when motoring!) Recovery cost me £54, which I thought was reasonable, and the garage fixed it straight away, bless ’em,, but I will certainly get the other side replaced as soon as possible. Rather be safe than sorry.

  53. rachel

    Just happened to me to date on my 08 plate ford fiesta. Costing me £170 as they stated both sides need replacing due to balance.

  54. Stacey

    Last month my front passenger side went. Just parked up for weekend. My drivers side one did today. I drive on motorway everyday for work and this has left me with no confidence in fords. I have always driven them. But this will be the last

  55. Graham Sutcliffe

    I cant believe this has happened to so many other people.
    It happened to me this morning, my car was sat on the drive all weekend and I came to drive it Monday morning and there was a funny grating sound and restriction in free wheeling. I thought the brakes may have been stuck on a little bit as I hadn’t used it for a couple of days. I got 50 yards down the road and heard a piece of steel drop off the car, I stopped to pick it up and found it was a piece of coil of my front offside spring just like your pictures. Whilst feeling around the tyre I could feel the rest of the spring digging into the tyre.
    I am gobsmacked no recall has been issued.

  56. Betty's Boutique

    This has just this second happened to my ford, just tried googling it and found your page! My hubby and I both have ford fiestas or at least he has his currently as an ornament as he has a T4 now. Anyway my car was completely fine and passed it’s mot with no advisories last friday!!! Not happy at all! 😥 x

  57. Terry Grotefeld

    Yesterday March 2nd, my wife was just about to leave our drive onto the main road in her 2007 Fiesta which had been standing for two days when she heard a nasty scraping and grinding sound from the front offside, she asked me to have a look and I heard something rubbing on the inside of the tyre so jacked the car up and could only turn the wheel backwards, I put my hand behind the tyre and felt a very sharp point digging into the tyre. Taking the wheel off revealed the broken spring just like all you other folks have described. The spring was not rusty and the paint in very good condition, I was able to put a piece of tube onto the sharp end and rotate the spring forwards out of the way. Our friendly local garage guy came up and drove it away slowly. We got the car back today thinking all would be well, but now having read all about the other breakages, we are horrified to think what could have happened. As all the springs seem to break in EXACTLY the same place, it would rather indicate that there is definitely a design fault in the positioning of the bottom coil of the spring causing high stress in that area. Why the springs seem to break when the car is standing is a bit of a mystery, could it be that the weight is less when the car is moving due to either the air passing under the car and raising it slightly or due to the torque of the transmission taking load off the spring. I understand that the zinc plates could act as a “sacrificial” zone to take the corrosion rather than the spring, as is the case on sea going boats etc. Hope you all stay safe and this problem can be overcome.

  58. George stoddart

    My son rang me up at 7 45am on his way to work saying his car was making a burning smell and the brakes seemed to be sticking on he had only gone 50yds. Upon inspection the o/s front spring had failed and was cutting into the tyre. Thank goodness he was not travelling at speed . The car is a 57plate fiesta St with average mileage. Upon removal there was an zinc plate fitted so this does not mean it is a safe upgrade . Ford needs to address problem before someone is seriously hurt or Godforbid worse

  59. Andrew

    Hi, both my front springs have broken in exactly the same place as your photos without warning. I have a 58 plate fiesta. Thanks for the information

  60. Scott Hudson

    My wife just phoned me at work this morning, she was leaving for work with my daughter in her ford fiesta when they hard a bang and noise like something was getting dragged under the car. Ive gone out to pick them up and bring her car home, whilst driving it back (slowly) i noticed it was pulling to the right a lot and when i turned the steering it started making a clunking banging noise? is this the same thing? When i got it home i ran a quick visual and couldn’t see anything wrong, i will check it more over this evening and jack it up.

  61. Scott Hudson

    ok to make things worse, on Sunday i was taking my daughter to running in my car a ford mondeo when i heard a funny noise from the rear, stopped the car had a look at the drivers right hand side and low and behold the spring had snapped so that two cars in a matter of 3 days, at least the mondeo is drive able as it does not pull only makes a noise when hitting bumps

  62. Thiago

    Hi there,
    The exact thing happened to me yesterday. Got in the car to realise something was wrong. Moved forward half a meter and heard a loud noise. Called someone to take a look, the spring coil (passenger front side )had snapped. 4 hours leather the drivers side also had gone.
    Do we get this ZINK PLATE as standard on the new replacements? Or do we have to specify the we want it?
    I’m going for a private garage.
    Thank you

  63. Tim Butterfield

    The same thing has happened to me on my 56 plate Fiesta Zetec S… both front coil springs have snapped (at different times but still…) – luckily neither went through they tyre’s like yours but an apparent common fault that Ford seem to hold no responsibility for… I’ve had the car from new and sadly I won’t be buying from Ford again… they sadly lack in Quality and I’ve found the dealerships have ripped me off on more than one occasion!

  64. Chris

    The same thing just happened to my brothers 2007 mk6.
    Already had the zinc plates in so assume it is not the first time it has happened.

  65. Do it yourself Dad.

    I have today replaced the o/s front spring on my daughters 2007 Fiesta. Luckily it broke while parked on the drive! I’ve got the N/s one to do.

  66. Vaughan Rees

    Same thing happened to mine just sitting in the drive. I thought it was bizarre at the time, until I read this. I’ll definitely replace the other as well.

  67. Clive

    I have a 56 plate Ford Fiesta one of my springs just broke while sitting on the drive,this is not the first time they have broke but this time the spring cut straight through the steel brake pipe.

  68. Rosie

    I heard a loud bang while driving and went to Kwikfit thinking it was my exhaust. They said it was a loose drip tray??? My son looked at it when I got home as there was still a loud rattle , and produced the sheared-off spring. My local garage fitted a new one for me, I didn’t realise how common this problem is. I will never have low profile tyres again as we have a bad pothole problem where I live

    • Ah Kwikfit always make me smile. You might as well have gone to see Co-Co the clown for advice! The pothole problem is a joke, DONT get me started! I realise that we are no longer paying road tax, but surely some of the council tax could be taken from buying flower pots and put into filling the craters in our ‘roads’. Glad you and the car are safe, thanks for reading

  69. Tony Fellows

    Just had my NSF spring snap off reversing out of the drive on my 55 plate 1.4 fiesta .No way is this due to corrosion it’s clearly a fault that should come under a recall. This is going to kill someone if it hasn’t already done so.It’s high time Ford honoured its responsibilities and put this right.

  70. Tracy Sweet

    I have just had my 2010 fiesta mot done and they have said the coil spring has got a crack in it (I had the other side replaced 2 years ago) I don’t think Fird realise I along with many others have three small children in my car most of the time, what if something happened when they are in the car?????? It really is not worth thinking about. I bought a ford as my father always had a Fird but with hindsight I will never never buy a Ford again.

    Thanks for the info xx

  71. Matthew hill

    Just had my front near side coil spring on my 07 Fiesta Zetec bang and snap on me, luckily on a quiet side road after just driving from Dorset back to London. This is a complete joke that Ford are not recalling these cars to do this. Anne Robinson is definitely going to get a letter with a print out of the above threads.

  72. Elizabeth Brown

    My 2006 Fiesta Ghia, owned from new, with 37k on clock has just had the front drivers side spring go when leaving the car park at work. Thank goodness I was off on a shopping trip and not going straight home via the motorway. AA rescued me from the shopping centre and said he regularly came across the ‘Fiesta problem’ even on the new model! Is this going to be a costly repair?

    • Springs are around £100 each (please get BOTH done at the same time!) I was lucky and was able to fit them myself. My local garage charges £45 per hour, shouldnt take more than a couple to do.

  73. D Y

    Guess what…..! Im experiencing the same issue. The front o/s sping went the other day while pulling of the drive. Mines a fiesta van (09).

    It goes without saying by the amount of responses here that it is a potentially dangerous issue that need addressing!!!!!!!!!

    Not wanting to deviate from the main issue but it may be of interest to others,
    the list of common faults on my fiesta is growing. In just the last year (and by no means as dangerous as the spring failure) i’ve had –

    : Faulty bonet switch triggering the alarm while parked up

    : Faulty boot switch triggering the alarm while parked up

    : A thermometer housing cracked causing a coolant leakage.

    : Radio not turning off (or being able to turn off) when I turn the ignition off and remove keys which has drained the battery.

    Im not impressed with the reliability of Ford.

  74. J

    I’ve had this happen to me too, the driver-side spring sheared while the vehicle was stationary in exactly the same way as the pictures in the article.

    Fortunately this was a simple fix compared to the issue with the Wheel Sensors on the Fiesta Zetec (2006) that Ford are aware of but refuse to accept responsibility for. I’ve paid hundreds and hundreds of pounds getting sensors replaced, cabling traced, ECU examined, diagnostics performed, etc. These problems, combined with the absolutely abysmal customer service I received at my local Ford garage, has put me off ever owning another Ford vehicle.

  75. Phil Cooper

    Offside front spring just collapsed after being parked up on our 07 Fiesta . Seems just like everyone else. Think it would be best to replaces both springs when this happens. Crazy there is no Ford recall on this

  76. Pete

    Chalk up another victim – front driver-side on a low mileage 57 Fiesta Zetec. Similar to others, mine went after sitting on the drive for several days. A local independent did both fronts for £216 (plus replacement for damaged tyre). Thanks for nothing, Ford!

  77. Andy

    One more for the ever growing list… My 2011 fiesta sat on the drive over the weekend and Monday morning found the offside spring snapped at the bottom half a turn from the end just as in the photo. Not what I would expect on a four year old car, I can’t believe how common this is!

  78. Andy

    Adding to my earlier post (2011 fiesta 1.6D) The other day my drivers side front spring snapped half a turn from the bottom end just as in the previous photos…As it happened, as in most other cases, over night on my drive no damage was done. I have now got two new springs in boxes waiting to be fitted. The general consensus is that salt corrosion is the cause after the surface protective paint is worn or damaged… But why is it always exactly half a turn from the end (top or bottom) I asked myself? Out of curiosity I inspected the new spring and found BOTH had a partly missing line of paint around surface exactly half a turn from the end. It is clear by the mark that it is where the spring was ‘hung’ whilst being painted giving a nice 1mm wide line of bare metal to corrode and ultimately stress fracture. Am I crazy to think this is more than a coincidence? It goes without saying these areas will be painted before I fit the new spring, for my own peace of mind.

  79. Has been a very unreliable car so far.
    Rear wheel bearing x 2 (£70)
    Thermostat housing cracked (plastic) (£30)
    Three visits to try and get injector seals to stop leaking but are still leaking (£500)
    Broken passenger side spring stationary on driveway (£30)
    Luckily I have been doing the labour on all but the injectors. Looks like now I’m going to have to tackle them myself.

  80. Gareth

    58 reg fusion drivers side snapped just like photo. Surely this is a serious design fault that could kill??
    I seem to remember citroen doing a mod on there cars for spring problem. Why can’t Ford!! Will do both sides now though.

  81. Pkay

    looks to me like the spring is made in a continuous uniform coil then cut to length, then the end are heated and bent to better fit the cups on the suspension. Where it has been heated and bent it changes the ‘temper’ of the steel and it breaks there. 2006 fiesta TDi £270 repair cost and it broke at 50mph next to a 60 foot cliff !!!!

  82. And another one gone

    One more for the list. Familiar story, came out to drive 06 Fiesta to town and horrible grinding, jamming noise came from driver’s front side and car would not easily move. Spring snapped in the same place and rubbing against tyre. We did not witness it breaking but it happened between my wife arriving home last night, and this morning. Going to call Ford to see what they will do. Otherwise it’s £44 for 2 springs from parts supplier and I will be getting the zinc sacrificial anodes. I can do this myself but Ford should really take responsibility.

  83. Chappers

    I was just driving my Fiesta Zetec Climate 08 down a dual carriage way at 60mph when something went bang and I saw metal fly off from my drivers side front wheel… I quickly pulled over and looked at my wheel and couldn’t see anything. Drove to the next junction, rang a friend and limped home at 30mph on the back roads with him following. When I got home my friend looked at the wheel and showed me the broken suspension spring. Obviously google is my friend at times like this and I have found this thread. I have taken a photo of the part number etc and I will be showing it to my local garage who I am on first name terms with after my injectors needed replacing 18 months ago! I just hope its not going to be too costly, but I will get both replaced tomorrow. Thanks for the blog and the general discussion about it. Knowledge is power, and now I can go to the garage and tell them what I have found out! As a single woman I am always wary about garages ripping me off!

  84. Dave

    Same thing happned here a few weeks ago–snapped after it had been sitting unused for a few days and I sat in the passenger seat. I’ll definitely get the other one done asap.

    Last Ford. The company executives should be forced to read this and then drive older Fiestas, preferably at high speed. See how long they keep saying it’s just wear and tear then.

  85. Latest victim 2007 style diesel sat on the road when wewoke up. Only 26k and regularly seviced. Never let us down beforethough and very frugal with diesel (i am, and drive like an old man, but no lane hogger).

    • Are the new fiestas as bad …. and what do you folk think might be an alternative (chesp servicing and repair parts, economy of diesel, reliable old tub (2007 style diesel 26k). Many thanks fpr opinions ! Phil

      • I cant help you with new ones, I have since I wrote this piece switched to a Mini, and switched again back to an older car thats just built better. The Mini was great until it needed parts (worn parts I grant you but the price was just stupid) So that had to go. I have just bought a 2000 Yaris with 73k on the clock and it runs like new. The build is great the toys are great the ride is great and best of all, it gives me 60MPG all day long. No cambelt to change and the parts are cheap as chips. Look out for a new blog post about it coming soon!

  86. Happened to me too a few years back….luckily the car was on the drive at the time when it suddenly failed, and not on the motorway where it’s likely that it would have failed when my wife and I would have been travelling down to see our wedding venue. Luck would have it that the previous night was our work’s Xmas do and unusually (I don’t really drink) I was too hungover the next day to drive, so we drove down in her car. Came back to find the suspension collapsed. I am mad as hell at Ford for not doing a recall, but from what I have understood the failure generally occurs when stationary.

  87. Sarah

    This exact thing happened to my ’56 plate fiesta (seems to be the year!). My car was parked outside my house when the driver’s side went. I didn’t even notice at first. It was the morning, I was still half asleep! I went to start driving and there was a horrible dragging noise and the car was really struggling to move. I got out and noticed that my side had (very alarmingly at the time!) sagged. I hadn’t been driving, the car had been stationary outside my house. It cost me about £80 to replace but the garage only replaced the broken side. Not two weeks later I went to my car and noticed that the passenger side had sagged in the night. Again, it was parked up and not moving which was very lucky for me but very odd. I was lucky that I did not move my car far either time while it was broken otherwise I could have had a nasty spring through my tyre! As it was, everything was fine once the coil springs were replaced but it was most certainly a traumatic experience!

  88. Dan saunders

    My 2011 model fiesta has just gone on drivers side very suprised to open this link and see the pictures look exactly the same as my spring (I only have the little bit main parts still on car.) What’s the best thing to do get both done? What’s the zinc plate about? Where’s the cheapest place to get these bits I know a garage to get them changed at.

  89. boitshepo kwrna

    I just want a crackling bearing that is between CV joint and gear box on a right side fiesta 1.4 of 2004 model with 5 doors help me to found it iam at Rustenburg

  90. Keith Bez

    just happened today my wife driving our 08 plate fiesta 1.1 zetec 150 yards from our house scary big loud bang luckily she was only going 15mph exact size piece lying on the road

  91. Keith

    This also happened to my fathers 05 Fiesta back in March. The driver side spring broke while he was driving the car and shredded the tyre also. Local mechanic told me that Fiesta’s are notorious for this, he showed me the spring and it was like the one in the photo above. Now 4 months later the passenger side spring just went on Saturday. This time he was moving it out of the drive and he heard a crack and the smell of burning rubber. As people have mentioned this is a serious fault with this part

    • Gaz

      Hmm. Happened to wife’s.
      On motorway day before.
      It’s obviously an issue that Ford are ignoring.
      Think it’s a Kia in future.

  92. Simon Edwards

    I can’t believe Ford know about this and have done nothing! I just packed the my 06 Fiesta ST to go camping for the weekend, drove up the driveway and BANG… GRIND… My passenger side just fell onto the wheel! I’m so angry right now and finding out Ford know about this has just annoyed me more.

    As others have said, it’s damn lucky I wasn’t on the motorway, 20 minutes later I would have been. People could die from this, Ford need to address it and address it now!

    Thanks to Ford, I have now missed out on a great weekend away, NO THANKS to Ford, I am still alive.

  93. Andy

    Just had the same fault on a 57 plate fiesta. The car had been sitting on the drive for a week and as soon as I released the handbrake “Bang” the drivers side front spring snapped. Best quote so far £160 for the pair and the added cost of a tow to the garage, opted to buy a set of springs and a spring compressor and a couple of hours reliving my youth repairing cars. Total cost £55 !

  94. Paul M

    Ok. Same here 06 fiesta. Sitting for a couple of days. Moved it a few inches, heard the snap and then found the broken coil. Shame on you Ford. Shame on you.

  95. Nugent s

    My o2 feista some times when driving makes a loud bang it is intermittent but I too scared to drive it .it past the MOT in August this year has anyone any clues

  96. Jcck Foxley

    Mine has just happened to me to day. Driving along with my niece and nephew in the car then an almighty bang from the front driver side, thought my tyre blew out at first, then there was rattling then looked in my rear view mirror and there was 2 big bits of metal came from underneath my car. I went back and picked them up they looked like bits from a spring. Took it to my local garage they looked at it and it was the suspension spring, he said it had snapped at the top of the spring which he said was unusual as it is usually the bottom where it snaps. With it snapping at the top of the suspension spring it caused a bit damage to the underneath of the car. He advised me to get both the front springs changed and the little bit of damaged repaired which I agreed. Cost me £220

  97. Benny

    My wife car fiesta 57 plate same the spring Brock today on leaving the driveway someone say lucky don’t feel lucky cost £140 to fix only 12500 miles on clock like many others I blame the roads & speed bumps ford really has to look into this and make them stroker save driving to all Benny .

  98. Ronnieboy

    My 2009 fiesta just had coil spring fitted due to one fitted to car snapping ,yesterday ,car only done 17500 mls

  99. George

    This happened to my mk6 57 plate fiesta (driver’s side, front) about a year ago. I didn’t really think anything of it, other than it being a massive inconvenience. Same story as 90% of above – ie rolling out of the drive for the first time in over a (very wet) week. I’ve now gone from thinking my fiesta is pretty reliable to believing it is a deathtrap waiting to kill me on my daily commute.

    I will be taking the car in for a full service and replacement coils next week. Then it’s getting traded in.

  100. Chris

    Is this purely on standard springs? It seems to be ridiculously common, i drive a 56 plate Fiesta ST, but im lowered on Eibach springs. Any chance of it happening on aftermarkets?

  101. Mike Dickinson

    See I had this exact snag after borrowing my missus’s 2008 Fiesta Zetec in order to reduce the losses related to my car starting to become high milage. I was just driving back from work and as I his the dip on a guarded level crossing the spring failed. I had no choice but to continue driving till I was clear by which time I had destroyed both the wheel and tyre. After my car was towed to the nearest garage the owner then hit my with the estimate of £400 for tyre spring and labour!!!!! but as it would cost my to have the vehicle towed to another garage I had no choice he had me well and truly by the stones. I also decided when I got it home to buy the special sockets required and replaced the second spring and also be able in future to repair these myself if required. And all this because 1. Ford refuses to carryout a recall to retro fit sacrificial metal plates on the springs & 2. manufacturers are cutting corners to reduce costs and coating the springs with much thinner and weaker protective coatings that do not provide sufficient protection to prevent the water ingress.

  102. David Gosden

    Back with an update…….
    I have posted more info at the ford owners club in the Fusion Forum. Included are pictures and instructions for making extractor tools for dismantling the top end of the suspension units.

    There are modifications (sacrificial zinc plates and protective rings) which you can obtain direct from Ford – check the online Ford parts catalogue at . Fiesta and Fusion drawings are at . The drawing is at but refer to the whole page for part nos.

    In order to reduce the likelihood of the top nut corroding and being difficult to remove again I have posted info and pictures of a grease feed for the threaded shaft. Just filling the top with grease will suffice and many do only that.

    David G

  103. Vikki

    This has now happened to me for the second time in 2 years in my 57 plate ST. It is currently in the garage being repaired now… again. It has only done 37k! Both times have been the passenger side and it has gone through the tyre both times, this latest time nearly split a brake line too. How can Ford continue to ignore such a serious issue?

  104. reg

    my son had the same problem with his spring snapping,he had parked the car up after work then went to it the following day and could barely move the car because the spring had snapped and was catching the wheel,this is not just a problem that is common on fiesta’s as I have heared many stories about all other makes and models suffering the same problem,something to remember tho ,we called out the RAC and the guy put on a space saver wheel,this gave enough clearance for the car to be able to move and he then towed us to the garage that we use,so no expensive recovery trucks needed

  105. Andrea

    Thank you so much for this blog which helped me to diagnose the same fault in my 2007 Fiesta Ghia. I got in my car this morning and the most almighty crack came from under the car scaring the life out of me. I am so thankful that I wasn’t driving at the time. The recovery truck is loading my car to go to a local garage as I type. I will never buy Ford again.

  106. I just had the exact same incident happen to me. My car was sitting in a car park all day I was leaving the entrance, heard a loud bang and felt a horrible scrapping sound and the smell of burning rubber.

    Luckily I was able to pull over a couple of meters from where it happened safe and off the road. I dread to think what would have happened if I was going quickly or in bad weather.

  107. Mike Parker

    11 Feb 2016… Another spring break …2006 1.25 Style 5 door….. 11000 MILES !!! mum rang this morning and said cars making a terrible grinding noise and doesnt like moving, I ve gone to take a look and its the passenger front spring broken and digging in to the inside edge of tyre, Fords want £77+ vat, so i tried a company who who specialise in german, french and swedish car parts and all parts nowadays really, and got a pair for £52 !! and good quality swedish made lesjofors. also bought a pair of the zinc plates to put between the spring and lower seat. Its funny how this spring also broke while standing in front drive and not when she last used the car !! Lucky too !! Hopefully the weather is fair tomorrow and I will whip the strut out and and change the spring, then get a mate to do the other side to be safe in a few days on his ramp save me doing it on the floor in driveway ! Is 11000 miles a low record ?? i cant see that its because of rust or road salt because mums 86, and doesnt really go out in the car much, once a week to shops, and certainly wont go out in the rain or snow !! Must be poor quality ,materials or badly tempered metal when produced.

  108. Theresa

    Had this happen last year – 2005 Fiesta. Driving back from North London on M25 and down A12 to Essex. Must have found the biggest pothole on the M25 and thought I was lucky to not have any serious damage.
    Drove it about 3 miles following day and steering suddenly went – limped it to a garage and hey presto – “said I was very very lucky as hadn’t quite penetrated the tyre. If it had happened the day before on the M25 when I was at speed it was more than likely I wouldn’t be here today”.
    If Ford know that this is such a serious issue then why the hell don’t they let customers know.

  109. glyn1959

    I’ve got a 2008 1.6 Ghia and the near side front coil went on Friday night with no warning. It had been parked in our company car park all day. Thankfully it went there rather than on the motorway on the way home.

  110. Bill

    Just to add the the long list of examples, this has just happened to the passenger side on my daughter’s car, Fiesta Finesse 2004 ’04’ reg. Exactly the same break position and broken off part.

    We own another Fiesta 06 reg, and I have noticed in the service history docs that both springs on that one were replaced at about 3 years old.

    We have a very thorough mechanic at our local garage, and at the last service he made a note of slight corrosion on the rear springs, but no comment on the front. I am certain he would have commented if there was any obvious signs of impending problem on the front. So it may be unlikley an impending problem can be spotted.

    It appears that many of the failures seem to be after the car has been sitting, or immediately on moving off, as was the case with ours. My daughter said she heard a strange thump when first pulling away, which put her on guard, and she pulled over 500 metres later when she heard another.

    TBH, I doubt much will happen with Ford. The best course of action is possibly to offer information for other Fiesta owners on awareness and advice (and this thread is an excellent example – thumbs up for that). Heres my thoughts FWIW:

    – It seems a fairly common fault, mainly when parked up or pulling away – examples of serious incidents (while obviously possible, and I’m not playing these down) appear less

    – It doesn’t seem as though there are any obvious signs beforehand

    – It’s not worth any risk trying to drive it to a repair place, even if the spring seems to stay in place and the car moves OK

    – Personally I would replace both sides – there seem to be too many examples of the other side failing after the first

    Finally, I’m going to ask the garage about the rear springs. Slight corrosion is surely common, and not necessarily related (the broken front spring showed no corrosion) – but does anyone know if rear spring failure happens as often?

    Drive Safe 🙂

  111. John ruffles

    John ruff. Have just reversed out of garage and bang front drivers side Spring just snapped, it has left a very sharp edge digging in tyre it could have been very dangerous as I was only way to work and could have been doing 70 mph down A12. my car is a 51plate fiesta.

  112. Craig

    My 2006 1.2 Zetec Climate, 5dr, failed its MOT today on a broken, front passenger-side spring. The car has been sat on the drive for most of the year; probably only cover 200 miles since last MOT and less than 30k in total. I hadn’t notice the break prior to today (but don’t drive it very often) and my wife drove it to the garage this morning and didn’t notice anything untoward either. I’m getting conflicting advice from the garages I’m calling to get quotes – some say change both, others just the broken one. I think I’ll go with both for £189. Shame, as I’m selling it soon and could do without the expense.

    • Sebina

      My husband changed mine using you tube for guidance, it worked out hell of a lot cheaper approx £45 for both springs and the Ford covers suggested as well it took about 3 hours in total and majority of that time was getting broken spring off. I then took it for tracking and used the dumb blonde move to ask them to check it was done properly which they confirmed free of charge. So if you feel confident enough I would say do it yourself

  113. Nick Simpson

    This just happened on my inherited 2009 Fiesta while moving it onto the driveway to fit a new starter motor.

  114. Rob

    Wow so glad I found this blog/thread. I can’t believe how many people this has happened to. Got into my 07 fiesta lx yesterday to go to work and just as I went to start the ignition bang! Car dropped ok he passenger side. Got out to look and could see a piece of the coil Spring on the ground. Break is in the exact same place as the photos above. Have a recovery truck coming in the morning to move it to a garage. Was only going to get the broken one repaired but after reading this I’ll get both done! Just thankful it didn’t happen while I was driving!

  115. Rik

    I’ve owned three Fiesta Mk6, a 53, 55 and 56 plate…all three have had springs break. Thats not a coincidence 😉

  116. Brenda

    My fuel injector brackets have snapped. 9 weeks after having new tuning belt. cam shaft water pump. as the car is under finance I phoned the company up. They said take it to get a report done from good garage scheme. and ring car dealers up. I’ve done this arrange foe a local garage to collect key. . but car sales said ul have to pay for that il do it foe free get the key back. so stupid me did. and now I’m being accused of using brute force to damage the injector brackets. and there is a major water and fuel leak and fuel in the oil and apparently the engine cover is missing. I know sod all about cars. I think I’ve had a fast one pulled over on me. Please can anyone tell me how these things can snap.

  117. Puff

    Hello all. Add another one to the list. It happened to me around four or five years ago. (Only just found this blog. Sorry) l came out from work to find my car sitting at an angle. A tow truck and a few bob later, I was back on the road. Since then, I have been fortunate enough (touch wood!) to suffer only wear and tear problems. However, my MOT have just given me an advisory that the rear coils are corroded and will need replaced in the near future.

  118. A worrying variation from me. Driving my wife’s otherwise reliable 57 Fiesta Style off the drive yesterday, a loud crack but no sign of anything and no effect on the steering. This blog pointed me to the cause and I found the exact same sized piece of coil spring hanging from the rest of the spring when I looked in the wheel arch. The spring had snapped at the top, not the bottom.
    I drove it (still no obvious ill-effects) to the garage a mile away and he found that the top of the spring has jammed into the body work. And the other one on the driver’s side was exactly the same and had clearly been like that for weeks! So was it safe to drive it? I asked, considering the 20 mile trip with 3 kids in the back which I did at the weekend. No, definitely not!
    So when you get your Fiesta serviced ask them to check the top of the springs even if the car seems fine – otherwise you’re driving a potential deathtrap!

  119. Norika

    Hi all, just happened to me about two hours ago, massive bang I pulled over but seen nothing obvious, turned around to drive back home and noticed a ” like metal to metal clunking” noise coming from a front drivers side over even a smallest bumps. Pushed down booth sides but still feel a normal spring back, no sinking on any sides and no any other driving issues so far. Just wondering how much of a problem I have here? If anyone could help? Thank you

    • Sebina

      My car did not drop or look/ feel strange but it was the top of the spring so could not see anything wrong until a friend put it up on lift and metal edge is running against body work. He said although I could feel nothing wrong after it had snapped off but was very dangerous so be careful

  120. having just brought a fiesta, this is really good to know!
    Gonna get it checked asap!
    got an 08 style with 40000 miles- but age n mileage vary throughout this thread.

    • Sebina

      I have had my car since Nov 2013 and although a 56 plate it was a very large car sales companies display model and was registered to the CEOs daughter so had very little millage I have not done much and it currently has 27k miles on the clock. I was lucky as this occurred pulling out of a parking spot but when it was looked at on jacks they said it was very dangerous. It has now been fixed and cross fingers all is well. The only other thing I would say is the Brockenhurst piece it identical to the image above so much so I think it would marry up. I spoke to ford and due to my age ( 34 with three kids) that it is my reckless speed over speed bumps and pot holes ( I thought they was ramps to make you air born )

  121. sebina

    hi it is really strange how i read your description of your car and issues and literally mirrored my issues i bought a 06 plate tdci 3 years ago, i was lucky at the time as it was a display car and had only 16K miles on the clock within a year my injector seals went and needed to be replaced but i was ok with this. however today me my daughter and new baby ( 6 months old) drove 10 miles from my house shopping pulled up with no problems but when i was ready to leave and was reversing out of the parking spot i could hear a grinding noise, i pulled over got on my hands and knees and had a look but could see nothing however whilst pulled over moving my steering wheel their was an loud crack and bang and a piece of metal was found behind drivers wheel. i must confess i am a mum and not very mechanically minded but even i know this was a big problem, this resulted in a 3 hour wait for my husband and friend to finish work and pick me and the kids up and for my husband to limp my car back at 10 miles an hour going through all the back roads to avoid traffic and sharp turns. i know i have gone on a little about this but it scares me to think what could have happened had i been traveling to my parents ( which i do most weekends and is 30 miles away down the motorway). i think fords position on this is wrong as even though my car is over 10 years old it has very little use as is still only at 27k miles on the clock and so this type of problem should not be showing on a car that has been in a showroom out of the elements till 2012 where it was registered as 1st owner ( of a very large car dealerships owners daughter) and has only really been on the road and in the elements for 4 years, let them try and say its just general wear and tear.

    frustrated and annoyed

    • Phil

      I have a 10 fiesta 1.25 with 41000 on the clock. I had a spring brake like this on the front n/s side .when I changed the springs the other one was rusting in the same place.

  122. Phil

    I have a 2010 fiesta 1.25 .my n/s front spring brock in a similar way the car has only done 41000 miles. I put two new spring on the car but found the other spring to be rusting in the same place .maybe a wider problem.

  123. Chris Howarth

    Not confined to the Fiesta, all vehicles with a coil over strut system are venerable, Citroen retro fit a guard on the Picasso to stop tyre damage. Had the same happen on the rear of a Punto, Blame the state of the roads!

  124. rik

    I’m back! Front nearside spring broke a couple of weeks ago at 70mph with a bang! I was able to drive it back home and then onto the garage a couple days later. The offside spring was replaced in April. My previous mechanic would have done both but the new guy only replaced what was broken the first time. Seem to be two train of thoughts but i’d prefer both done, in hindsight it would seem the smarter option.

  125. Gary Rowland

    My wife’s 56 plate 1.4TDI Fiesta was parked up in the front of our house, when we heard this bang, we were not sure what it was until she went out to use it and it would not move then we found out the reason both front springs snapped just as everyone here has described, it has only done 47568 miles from new, and now I think a rear one has gone too, Bah


  126. pat

    on monday i will be fitting the second pair of non genuine springs to my mothers 2006 fiesta she has been lucky and her failures have both been passenger front and have both happened whilst she has been parked over night on her drive way and the first time i fitted the plates as well it not just ford springs

  127. em

    just had the same issue happen to me today 08 fiesta zetec s was on the motorway spring snapped and tyre has shredded luckily was in slow lane pulled over £300 for two springs tracking and a new tyre not what I need in early January and after a two week holiday in Thailand! 😦

  128. Jim P

    Jan 2017 Ford Fusion on 2005 plate ns spring snapped then 5 days later os snaps both times while car was parked up this happens to Focus,Fiesta & Fusion that i know of. Car has been great for years just let down by cheap money saving parts/metals here & there. Replaced both springs & had the zinc plates fitted should last for years again job done by myself & cost around 125 pounds each side worth it for peace of mind.

  129. edd parker


    has anyone contacted watchdog about this fault?my fiesta has just done the same drivers side snapped at sameplace as pictures so obviously a ford fault.where are many comments the same so we should be able to put a good case against ford.

  130. GARY

    My drivers side spring broke destroying a brand new tyre,
    after seeing smoke coming from the front end ,tried to put on the
    spare but broken spring was too close to the tyre to drive home,
    had to be rescued by the AA ,I replaced both front springs and shocks myself ,to future proof ,but had to cut the old ones apart with a grinder as the top nut on the strut was to corroded to remove the proper way ,any way
    both sides had the zinc plates fitted THEY DONT WORK !!!!!

  131. Graham Wright

    It would appear this problem is not only on the mk6 Fieasta, A few years ago my wife had a Mk4 2.0 ghia mondeo and a front spring broke while turning at low speed, At the time I thought nothing of it. then last year I had a rear spring break on my Mk4 1.8 zetec mondeo, again I put it down to the age and wear ant tear. then yesterday as I was driving up my drive in my Mk7 Fiesta Titanium, Boing goes my rear spring, Looking at the pictures of where your spring has broken it could be a picture of every one of the breaks we have suffered, always the last coil of the spring that sits in the cup. My eyes have been opened, this is obviously a design fault on ford cars, they would never admit to it, 1) it would cost them a fortune to bring in every car and retro fit the solution. 2) Why would they want to when they can sell people new springs every few years.

  132. Terry Mc

    Had this happen again for the second time a couple of weeks back in February. The first time it happened was last Spring time. This a second 2003 mk6 Fiesta, also the drivers side front. They both broke in exactly the same place on coil too. First time car was sitting on the drive when it went, this time I was just reversing off when it went with a loud crack like a gun being fired. It’s a good job the man next door is a mechanic. He is training his 14-year-old son up so hasn’t cost me the labour charges and it took him just an hour so I asked him to replace the other side also to be on the safe side. Good job I did as a rusty patch in exactly the same place on an otherwise clean spring. Bought the pair online for just £15. It seems obvious to me that there is either a fault with the springs or with the car design itself.


    i had the same problem with my 2010 ford fiesta today, but after reading all the comments I checked my warranty to see if they where covered, and under the parts not included it read. nuts/bolts/studs/clips and springs {OTHER THAN SUSPENION SPRINGS}. so I called into my local ford dealer and told them that the suspension spring had broken. only to be told straight away wear and tear, I then stated that in the warranty it says that they are covered and that I had been reading up about them and a lot of people have been having the same problems. I was then told the car will be examined and that pictures will have to be sent to there head office, three hours later phone call from ford YES suspension spring will be fixed under warranty free of charge. the brake was exactly the same as the picture above. hope this helps everyone but to be honest that’s me done with ford

  134. Dean

    Happened to me this weekend, 1.4 MK6 2006 Ghia. Went to drive to the train station from cold, started up and went into reverse to hear a dragging sound. Drove around slowly for a bit as advised by my Brother (shouldn’t have, daft), started to smell burning. Dad took the drivers side tyre off and there it was, exact same break tyre side as in the pictures and the top was rubbing against the tyre. Recovery to garage, just had both done for £220 (more expensive than others on here but i need it back).

  135. Chris Walker

    Just had the driver’s side front spring go on my 2008 1.4 TDCi Fusion (42k miles). Fortunately I was only going at slow speed when it happened, but had to get the car recovered to my home. I have replaced it with an aftermarket KYB item in the hope that will stop this happening again. By the way, mine had the zinc plate fitted, so these don’t appear to solve the problem. Having read through this thread, I am now thinking about changing the passenger’s side spring as well, before that goes!

  136. ChrisM

    It’s still happening! My partner’s 2010 Fiesta Zetec, with 23000 on the clock, had been standing for three weeks and then, when it was taken out this morning, clunk and bang over every slight bump in the road. Driver’s side, identical point of failure.

    There is a lifetime repair warranty on this car, taken out when it was bought from a main dealer. But WHAT a surprise to find that springs are only covered for the first six years…….nicely calculated, I thought.

  137. James Brooks

    Just doing some research and found this! My 09 pate Mk 7 Fiesta just had this problem last night. Place it broke identical to photo above on bottom of spring. Front driver side failed, not realising what it was i drove it slowly to a relatives where i could get a free recovery. Had spring replaced today, and will be going back later in the week to get the other changed out of precaution. Worrying trend going on here.

  138. Andrea Mica

    Yep, I have had the same (2004 Fiesta) (one side only so far). In my case going down the multistorey car park so at least the suspension was being given a work out. The second spring going while stationary is probably due to extra weight being piled on as the first one has dropped. Shame on Ford, its a lovely car otherwise. The AA man said that suspension coils and ignition coils were the only reasons he ever got called out to Fiestas. (Bits of trim fall off as well but that’s only cosmetic so AA doesnt get called)

  139. Daughters 07 Plate Fiesta just had this happen, she is still learning and we were pulling away from a junction and we heard the bang, kind of like a stone chip on a motorway but deeper and really loud, as others have mentioned there was no obvious change in the car behavior or handling afterwards and i couldn’t see any problem visually with the spring so i guess this was the initial crack. The car had an AC condenser change at the garage and they couldn’t see a problem with the spring – there really was no obvious corrosion at all.
    By a stroke of luck one of the seals leaked and the AC stopped working a few days later and it was back in the garage when the spring finally let go completely and broke in two places, made them jump by all accounts.
    Dosent bear thinking about if it had gone at 60mph with my learner daughter at the wheel!!

    Anyone tried Twitter shaming Ford on this?

  140. Tammy

    Mine has just gone on mine on drivers side and exactly the same I was driving , fortunately I just left my sons house and wasn’t going fast , was told it would have been a different story if I had actually made it to the dual carriage way , I’m shocked because other than Mots and tyres not had any issues with mine it’s a 57 plate , I can’t believe yours look exactly like mine the same snap in the spring

  141. Chris Taylor

    This very thing happened to on Monday night (8 Jan 2018). Had left my 56 plate Ford Fiesta in a car park near to college where I did a 2 hour class. Dtivevthere fine, but came back to the exact same problem, fired up engine tried to move and loud creaking sound and metallic twanging. Called out RAC to get me home with front wheels up on mini trailer. RAC man said problem was spring had sheared. Strange thing is this happened previously about 4 years ago to the other side wheel, but only found out when car went in for M.O.T. But the spring end had sheared and was precariously balancing in the cup at the bottom of the spring. I just thought it was bad luck but as both have springs have now had the same problem the article I’ve just read is very worrying. My car will repaired tomorrow but seems to be no point in contacting Ford, from what I’ve just read in your article!

  142. Martin

    Very interested to hear your experience…this mirrors exactly mine today. Went out in car, over a speed bump at correct speed this forced the already snapped rasor sharp edge of coil spring off the coil spring holder and into tyre.

    When I got home after being recovered I found the snapped half circle of steel exactly the same as your photos sitting in the driveway.

    At the very least a warning by Ford….but really this should be a recall.

    Disappointed at Ford’s lack of responsibility.

  143. Dan

    2007 tdci van. Sat in the car on monday morning & a loud noise came from the front. OSF spring snapped without even starting the engine let alone moving the vehicle. Drove 220 miles the day before with my heavily pregnant partner. Replaced front shocks, springs & drop links, it appears the zinc plates have already been fitted. Took it for a very short test drive today & a terrible grinding sound coming from the front. After my experience & reading all of yours I just dont trust it now.

    Never again buying a Ford.

    Ford you are irresponsible & negligent for not recognising this common & potentially lethal fault.

  144. Eamonn McGuinness

    Add me to this long list of woe. 2003 Fiesta Zetec. Front nearside went today. Exactly as described. Car had been sitting in drive for 3 days due to heavy snow and ice. As I went to drive away there was an awful grinding, metallic sound and I found part of the spring on the ground. Undriveable now so will have to fork out for recovery to garage and repair.

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