All About Me

Me, on a bridge in Japan 2009


Readers of my blog will be in no doubt that I have a lot to say about many things. It will surprise you to learn that when it comes to myself, I am lost for words.

Historically then, I passed my driving test one day after my 18th birthday after getting my provisional on my 16th and riding motorcycles for two years. That was many years ago and my love of anything motorised has only gotten worse.

I am studying part time Journalism and English and chasing a dream to write for a living. While my dreams are still trying to be realised, I can be found arseing around with cars either fixing them, driving them or watching them. I have had many rust buckets in my time, and a few little gems that I regret selling.

Ambition? I would like to live in Japan, but that’s really not going to happen. My real ambition is to write for a living

If you want to talk to me or send me hate (or love!) mail send it here: or you can follow me on Twitter

Drive Safe!



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