My Cars

I thought you might like to see a few of the cars I have owned over the years, the ones I have pictures of anyway.

My Nissan Bluebird, oh this was a great car, had so much fun in her.

1987 Nissan Bluebird 1.8GS

Non Turbo Bluey

Next up a rare turbocharged Nissan Bluebird SR

1985 Nissan Bluebird Turbo SR

My Turbo Bluebird

Nissan Sunny ZX Coupe B12

Looks great, but hidden rot killed it dead.

OK Now we hit the love of my life. If I could have married this thing I would have. Enjoy the multiple picures of this, the most beautiful of all my cars. I am SUCH a muppet for getting rid of her… She is now a cube.

1985 Nissan Silvia S12

Nissan Silvia S12

Now, while I had the Silvia I managed to find on ebay, for the huge sum of £5.00 (yes thats FIVE pounds) a nice little runabout. Pray silence for… The Micra!

Nissan Micra K10

The Micra!

OK so she doesn’t look like much, but she sailed through the MOT and I had a good 6 months of fun in her, even taking her to shows! But the legend that is this car was just beginning. I sold her to a rally team that was going accoss the Gobi Desert to Mongolia. Yes thats right, It made it…

UK to Mongolia via tha Gobi Desert and NOTHING broke!

OK So on to my CRX A good idea but rotten to the core, boy can Hondas rust…

1986 Honda CRX Mk1

Mk 1 MR2 4AGE Rev tastic!

In between, there have been some other, duller cars (Ford Mondeo, Transit(!), Fiat Punto)  But now we come to my current car.

1995 EG Civic

Whats next for 2010?

Well, its this:

1989 1.3 VW Polo (Light Tuned)

Engine: Fully rebuilt 1391cc ABD, balanced bottom end, CR raised, ported and polished head, Kent Cams cam, 2G inlet, Weber DMTL carburettor, K&N rudebox, Facet fuel pump, 8P gearbox.

Suspension: Koni Adjustable Dampers, Eibach 40mm springs, supersport lowering top caps,

Brakes: VWII calipers, 239 brembo MAX disks, Pagid TQ pads.

Is it any fun? Oh you bet…

2006 1.6 TDCI Fiesta

2006 boosted oilburner

Well, the fun couldn’t last. After a silly woman reversed into the VW I went looking for fun, economy and family. 2006 Fiesta TDCI, its amazing but has no soul. Watch this space for some soul filled nonsense soon!

2012 Mini One D

Who would have thought it? A BRAND NEW MINI!!! This is just wonderful, I love this car almost as much as I love my Silvia. So much fun, you can feel the Mini DNA in this little baby…

1997 Fiat Cinqecento Sporting


Yes! I have a car to play with! The Mini is far to fragile and expensive but this little thing is just what the doctor ordered! 1103cc of Punto power, mated to a close ratio box and no power steering! Bring on the B roads!

1991 Mazda Eunos Roadster

894750_10151621502381975_316993491_o (1)


Ahh! Back in a car from the land of the rising sun! Some people drink, other people smoke to get rid of stress, I get in my Roadster and find some B roads! I bought this to tour the UK looking for the best bits of twisty bits of tarmac blighty can offer


5 responses to “My Cars

  1. Wocketfast

    Ah the Slivia would have rotted away completely by now, and you cant get windscreens for them any more, eek!

    Doesn’t stop me missing mine, and I only had it for a year.

    • jdmtee

      I miss her soooo much BUT you are right. Had some great times with all of the cars and some excellent BBqs, meets and stuff. Wouldnt change it for the world.

  2. Wocketfast

    Great Blog by the way.

  3. jdmtee

    lol thanks John…

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